Ron Waters


Ron Waters is a Father and a Grandfather, married for 25 years. A Survivor of Institutional Abuse in Queensland in the 80's and 90's. Ron created P.A.I.N. in 2012. To create a Service that offers everything that was missing as He was growing up in a Life full of Abuse, by those put in place to Protect. Ron is a Forgotten Australian. Ron is very passionate about bringing an end to Child Abuse.

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Cindy Waters

International Vice President

Cindy is a Founding Member, Our International Vice President and also South Australia Vice President.

David Mepham

NSW President

Dave Polain

President South Australia

Cath Curry

SA Vice President Murraylands Charter

Damien Rout

SA Inner City President

Staci Kate

SA Vice President Inner City Charter

Anthony Reed

President South End SA

Byron Harmer

Queensland President

Martin Fraser

Western Australia President

Natasha Kerr " Challenger "

WA SOP Vice President/Loners Community Support

Contact : 0408 970 606

Jason McKimmie

Victoria 1st Charter President

Ian Richardson

Victoria President 2nd Charter

Dwayne Potter

United Kingdom National President