Ron Waters


Ron Waters is a Father and a Grandfather, married for 27 years. A Survivor of Institutional Abuse in Queensland in the 80's and 90's. Ron created P.A.I.N. in 2012. To create a Service that offers everything that was missing as He was growing up in a Life full of Abuse, by those put in place to Protect. Ron is a Forgotten Australian. Ron is very passionate about bringing an end to Child Abuse.

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Cindy Waters


Cindy is a Founding Member, Cindy has been involved in P.A.I.N. for 10 years and Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. ISC for 3 years.

David Mepham

NSW President S.O.P.

Dwayne Potter

United Kingdom National President

Martin Fraser

Western Australia President S.O.P.

Byron Harmer

Queensland President S.O.P.