People Against Intentional Neglect


Child Abuse Prevention Is PRIORITY


People Against Intentional Neglect P.A.I.N.
Is an Australian Registered and run Charity since 2013.
That Raises Awareness for Child Abuse Prevention in Australia and across the World.

We believe at P.A.I.N. that Every Day is Child Abuse Prevention Day,

P.A.I.N. was Founded in 2012 by Ron Waters.
A Father and Grandfather. A Survivor of Institutional Sexual Abuse as a Child for many, many Years.
Ron created P.A.I.N. to reduce the dramatic escalating statistics of Child Abuse in Australia.
Child Abuse is currently a Pandemic in Australia. With a recorded average of 370,000+ Children Abused in 2017.

At P.A.I.N. we offer,
* Awareness.
* Advocacy.
* Advice.
* Support.

At P.A.I.N. we,
* Listen.
* Believe.
* Respond.
* Do Not Judge.
* Support.

In Australia We have had a 500% increase in Recorded Child Abuse Cases, Nationally. Over the past 4 Years.

With a History that dates back Decades of Child Abuse from Institutions, Churches, Services provided by the Australian Government to Protect Children.

Australian Royal Commission's have clear Evidence of a Failure in the Governments behalf when it comes to Duty Of Care.

An accountability and hefty sentence are needed for all People Involved in the Abuse and keeping it Secret.

A Sentence of No Less than 15 Years should be imposed to any Person who Abuses a Child.

If that Person is a Person of Authority who has been given the role to Protect that child, then an extra 15 Years not concurrent shall be added to the Sentence with No Parole.

If an offender is Released and commits another crime a Sentence No Less than Life In Prison is to be served.

I urge You to get Serious about Child Protection in Australia.

And to show Australia says No.

We demand that We have Penalties that deter Predatory Behaviour and Crimes.

We The People of Australia.

The Fathers and Mothers, Aunties and Uncles, Grandfathers and Grandmother's, Brothers and Sisters.

Demand that The Australian Government and Law Makers.

Take there Role of Protecting Our Future Seriously.

And by doing this, set a standard Second to None.

Prime Minister. Australia doesn't want to be known as the Predator Safe Haven of the World any longer.

It is up to You as Our Leader to address this Pandemic. And Lead Australia to a Safer, Fairer Future for all.



We offer Support in various ways, * Personal Support. * Court Support. * Family Support.

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We Advocate for Children during Appointments with Family Services, Child Protection, Lawyers, Court.

Public Speaking.

P.A.I.N. believes Awareness is the Key to Prevention. Prevention Saves Lives. We host and speak at many Rallies, Events to Raise Awareness for Child Abuse Prevention in Australian Communities. Public speaking in Community Town Halls and Schools. Awareness is the " KEY "

Predator Prevention Team

0460558544 Prevention Hotline. Australia Wide. 24/7

Our Founder and CEO,

Ron Waters


Ron Waters is a Father and a Grandfather, married for 21 years. A Survivor of Institutional Abuse in Queensland in the 80's and 90's. Ron created P.A.I.N. in 2012. To create a Service that offers everything that was missing as He was growing up in a Life full of Abuse, by those put in place to Protect. Ron is a Forgotten Australian. Ron is very passionate about bringing an end to Child Abuse.

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Leadership 2019

Ron Waters ( Founder/ CEO, International Director )
Cindy Byers ( Australian National Director )
Shaun Hartley. ( Treasurer )


  • Murray Bridge SA, Australia
  • We are Australia wide, Head Office in Murray Bridge, South Australia.


Welcome to our new forum.
At People Against Intentional Neglect P.A.I.N. We believe that " Child Abuse Prevention Is PRIORITY "
We would like to hear Your thoughts on how We can be successful in reducing Child Abuse.



Donation Amount

Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Social Club.

Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Social Club.

Is a group of People who believe that Child Abuse Prevention is Priority.

All members swear an Oath to Protect Children.

Soldiers Of P.A.I.N.

Our Oath.

On this Day, I stand by My Brothers and Sisters.

I stand shouldre to shoulder with each and every One of You.

Together We stand for a common Cause.

That Cause is to Protect all Children, and to focus on reducing the ammount of Lives impacted by Child Abuse.

Child Abuse Prevention is My First Priority from this Day forward.

I swear to be aVoice for the Voiceless.

I will always Listen.

I will always Believe.

It is My Duty to Protect the Innocent.

I devote Myself to Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Club, it's Members and those that swear an Oath to Soldiers Of P.A.I.N.

I swear to always uphold and maintain an attitude that displays Myself in a manner that reflects the Vision, Purpose and Goals of Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. never jeopardising or endangering there reputation.

I understand that Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. is a Social Club created by People Against Intentional Neglect P.A.I.N. for the purpose of Protecting Children in Australia.

I swear to Respect My Brothers and sisters, and to always be there in times of action Against Child Abuse.

I understand that if I break this Oath, I will be stripped of any and all status and association with Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. and that it will be made Public that I am NO LONGER a Member of Soldiers Of P.A.I.N.

If I see a Child in Danger, I will do everything within My capabilities to ensure the Safety, Security and Well-Being of that Child.

I am a Soldier Of P.A.I.N.

I swear this Oath is sworn of My own accord, and I do this before all of You. With Heart and Soul.

Together We Stand.

Currently We have Chapters in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.
We are working on Chapters in Northern Territory and Queensland.

Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Social Club.Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Social Club.Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Social Club.


  •  18/09/2021 10:00
  •   Sturt Reserve Murray Bridge

Child Abuse Prevention Ride and Drive is about People uniting for a Common Cause. That Cause being " Child Abuse Prevention " We invite all Vehicles, cars, trucks, bikes, buses, Utes and more. To help Us at Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Social Club, raise much needed ATTENTION for Child Abuse Prevention. Child Abuse is at a Pandemic Level across the Nation and is Not addressed as such. This needs to change. Together We can Change this. Together We Stand.

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  • AU$10.00
  •  28/11/2020 10:00
  •   Sturt Reserve Road, Murray Bridge SA, Australia

Child Abuse Prevention Ride and Drive. Starts at 10am. $10 A Vehicle. Merchandise on the Day. From Murray Bridge to Vicor Harbour and back to Murray Bridge. Hosted by Soldiers Of P.A.I.N. Social Club and Loners MC Australia. Sponsored by People Against Intentional Neglect P.A.I.N. Charity 95161193853 Together We can Make A Stand Against Child Abuse.

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